Fresh Lenses: Why?

Do you ever leave your disposable contact lenses in for longer than you're supposed to? It's a pretty accepted fact that things are at their best when they are at their freshest. It's important to know that the same rule also applies to your contacts. There is no shortage of reasons not to leave them in for any longer than you've been advised to. Although it might seem okay, if you want your eyes to look healthy, adhere to the replacement schedule your optician determines. So, if you're told to change pairs daily, change them daily, because they're not made to be worn any longer than they're supposed to.

You might think, would it be so bad if I got two or three additional days out of them? To understand this idea, let's talk about protein – not the dietary kind, but the natural protein in your tears that builds up gradually on the surface of your lenses and forms a mild haze. Foggy vision is only the first symptom.

Over time, these proteins evolve and confuse your immune system, which begins to think that the formation is a foreign particle, which in turn can be expressed as itchy, swollen and irritated eyes. And when this occurs, you won't be seeing your best. Even if you take the best possible care of your contacts, over time they'll become less smooth and clear, which is the result of normal wear and tear.

It's best to commit to the routine your optician determines for you. Everyone's eyes are unique, so only your eye care professional should determine the appropriate contact lens replacement schedule for you. If you dispose of and replace your contact lenses when you're told to, you'll never notice the difference that becomes quickly apparent when you overwear them.

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