Keeping the Home Atmosphere Eye-Safe


In honor of Home & Sports Eye Safety Month, we've chosen to focus on ways to keep your home safe for your eyes specifically for children. It's important to be proactive to make sure your home environment is an eye-safe zone.

In general, babies are born with an underdeveloped visual structure that progresses as they get older. As part of normal baby vision development, babies can view an object at close range only. All through their developing stages, children are visually stimulated. Children's games and toys can be one of the fastest methods for stimulating children's vision. Keep in mind, it's important to remember that most childhood mishaps occur in the house, many of them with toys.

How can you avoid endangering your child's sight? Here is some quick advice for choosing toys for the house that are safe for your child's eyes.

Firstly, make sure toys with long handles – such as a pony stick- have curved edges, and closely supervise kids under two with such toys. Although blocks are usually safe for almost all ages, it's important to make sure the edges are blunted, in order to avoid eye accidents. It's a good idea to avoid shooting toys, such as arrows or guns. If this is not possible, then use of these toys should be monitored by a responsible grown-up. If your older child works with a chemistry set or woodworking tools, make sure he or she wears safety glasses.

In addition to games and toys, other domestic threats might be present that you want to be on the look out for. Corners with a sharp edge that are found on counters or tables are right at eye level for small children and can too often be the source of a serious injury. Chemicals that are accessible are a further culprit for injury for kids and should be placed away or behind a locked cabinet at all times.

Yes, children's toys can on occasion cause harm, but let's not overlook all of the benefits they offer. There are many toys customized for particular ages that offer great ways to stimulate visual development. When buying toys for kids, go for those that focus on hand-eye coordination and will help kids to learn about spatial relationships. You may want to consider trying to look on the Internet before making a purchase. This way you can ensure that your purchase is safe for your child's eyes and will enrich their optical development at the same time!

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