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Proud members of the Cincinnati community, we’ve never turned away a patient! Providing excellent quality vision care for Western Hills, Hamilton, Forest Park, Fairfield, Bridgetown, and surrounding for almost 20 years.


We serve the Forest Park, Bridgetown, Western Hills, West Chester, Springdale and Fairfield areas.

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For directions to the optometry center nearest to you choose a location: Princeton Pike or Glenway Avenue. Both are conveniently located next to Lenscrafters.

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Our doctors are highly trained in dealing with medical eye conditions, and we make sure we are equipped to diagnose and care for all eye health conditions.

Our optometrists are proud to provide our patients with the latest and most advanced technologies, including an Optical Coherence Tomographer in each of our offices. We have the most technically advanced diagnostic equipment to screen for eye diseases such as macular degeneration & glaucoma. Every office includes OCT technology, a visual field analyzer and retinal and glaucoma screenings.

Eyes are important indicators of overall health, and it’s important to have regular eye exams with an optometrist in Western Hills and Tri- County whether or not you wear eyeglasses or contacts. From the time you enter one of Dr. Timothy Kenkel and Associates’ two conveniently located practices in Cincinnati, OH, our friendly trained staff will provide you with the most caring and professional optometric care.

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Unbeatable Contact Lens Inventory!

If you are interested in trying contact lenses, or currently wear contacts, we carry the largest contact lens inventory. In most cases you will leave with your new contact lenses on the same day as your visit. If this is your first pair, we can usually fit you immediately with a trial pair of contacts, and you can go home wearing your brand new contacts, and no glasses!

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SAME DAY Contact Lenses in Cincinnati, Western Hills & Bridgetown, OH

Need glasses? We're conveniently located next to LensCrafters to enable a quick turn around on new eyeglasses sometimes within 1-2 hours. Come in and browse through high quality, popular brands and budget-friendly eyewear for every member of the family!

Walk-Ins Welcome!

Our office takes most insurance plans. You don’t even need an appointment for to see an eye doctor for an eye exam. If you are in the neighborhood and realize that you haven’t had an eye exam for awhile, come in and a doctor will be able to give you a complete eye exam on the spot. We’re your one-stop shop for your regular eye exam and all of your eyewear.

So whether you need a routine eye examination, treatment for eye disease, consultation for eye surgery such as LASIK or cataract surgery, lost your contacts, or have an eye infection, Dr. Timothy Kenkel and Associates are open 7 days a week, to provide you with the best treatment, advice, and follow up care.


Timothy P Kenkel & Associates
11700 Princeton Pike
Cincinnati, OH 45246
Phone: (513) 671-5020

Weekdays 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm


Timothy P Kenkel & Associates
6026 Glenway Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45211
Phone: (513) 661-4450

Weekdays 9:30 am – 7:00 pm
Saturday 9:30 am – 5:00 pm
Sunday 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Q&A with Dr. K

Dr. Kenkel Answers Your Eyecare Questions

My vision is blurred. Do I need to get a new prescription?

There are many people that think they need a change in their prescription because their vision is blurred, but really their vision is blurred because they have Dry Eye syndrome. Classic symptoms of dry eyes would be fluctuating vision when using a computer, because your blink rate slows when looking for extended periods of time at the screen and your not re-wetting your eye (cornea). The remedy would be to increase your blink rate by consciously remembering to blink your eyes when looking at a monitor and if need be, add a lubricant such as Systane or Blink. If your condition doesn’t improve, you should come into our office for a consultation.

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Coming this summer – a revolutionary high-end technology that will minimize the questions you need to answer in order to get your eyewear prescription.


Clarifye – The digital eye exam that shows you more. Ask us for more details.

News & Events

When 20/20 Vision isn’t Enough For Your Child

Since studies show that learning is 80% visual, children with untreated vision problems can really suffer when it comes to school. Most people think that good “vision” means 20/20 acuity but in reality, vision is much more complex.  Your brain is actually what completes the processing of the visual world...

Cutting Edge Eye-dentification

We have all seen the futuristic thrillers that use high-tech eye scanning identification systems but nowadays the technology does exist to use them in real life. A greater number of high security establishments have begun to use iris recognition for identification and security systems.   How does it work? The...

Innovations in Color Blindness

There have been a lot of videos going viral lately of color blind people “seeing color” for the first time using specialized glasses. The emotional reactions of amazement, shock and joy even lead some to break down into tears. The glasses provide these individuals a way to view the world...

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