A Holiday Guide to Toy Eye Safety

The holidays are almost here which means Erector Sets for some, and Barbie dolls for others. Well intentioned relatives delight in surprising the kids with the ''in'' toys to start off the New Year.
It is crucial that family members explain to others the restrictions about eye-safe toys. Mishaps involving toys and games often occur, occasionally resulting in damaged eyes.

Below are some guidelines to protect kids from toy related eye injuries:

  1. When purchasing a gift, make sure it is age appropriate. Do not allow young siblings to handle toys and games intended for older children.
  2. Check that the toy is made of strong, durable material and that there are no rough corners. Make sure stick toys such as swords or brooms are rounded on the end.
  3. Don't let small kids play unsupervised.
  4. Protect little eyes by discarding toy or games with points, spikes, rods or catapult launchers.

Before you dish out that popular toy or game that your child has been pleading with you for, take a minute to review toy safety guidelines. The holidays are a great time for creating special moments with your loved ones, not the doctor on call at the nearest ER. Happy Holidays.

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