Buying Contacts Online?

Cincinnati_Contact_Lenses_StockWe interviewed Dr. Timothy P. Kenkel regarding purchasing contact lenses online vs. at the doctor’s office.

Dr. Kenkel, please tell us, are there any reasons why I shouldn’t buy my contact lenses online?

Dr. Kenkel: First and foremost, because there are online companies which operate on the “grey” market, especially from China and Russia, which are selling to online companies which sell and advertise contact lenses. This means that the contact lenses you are getting are not necessarily the contact lenses they are advertising you will be getting. You must make sure you are purchasing through a reputable online site.

The second reason is a misconception that contact lenses are cheaper online than from the doctor’s office. We hear quite often from patients, “Oh, I purchase my contacts online.” thinking that they are getting a better deal. However, that is not always the case.

For instance, more than 3/4 of the contact lenses we sell at our two offices are less expensive than purchasing them online at 1-800-contacts. We price our contact lenses very competitively as a convenience and courtesy for our patients.

Another benefit is that many brands we already have in stock, so you get to go home with them, you don’t have to wait for online shipping.

As well, we check the accuracy of every product in our office, so you know 100% that you are getting a quality product, exactly as promised by the manufacturer and us.

Another reason some patients may not want to purchase their contacts online is that many patients have vision insurance which has a benefit which covers around $100 towards contact lenses. However, if they purchase them online, the vision insurance won’t cover it. They will however, cover the contact lenses purchased at our office.

A fifth reason is that there are amazing rebates which the contact lens manufacturers offer only if patients purchase a year’s supply of contacts from the doctor’s office. The contact lens manufacturers offer rebates of $60 – $200.

By the time the patient takes into consideration all of the above you will see you are probably saving money, time, and giving yourself peace of mind. For instance, if you purchase a year’s supply and get the rebate, our competitive prices are already going to be the same or cheaper than most only companies, so you are saving a good deal of money from the start. You also know that the product is exactly what you are ordering, and not a substitute or grey market fake.

Cincinnati_Contact_Lenses_FittingLastly, we offer a product guarantee and damage policy in regards to if you lose or damage lens and are out of either the right or left lens, we will give you free lenses to wear until you use up your lenses and are ready to order more.

This may not be true for all doctor’s offices, but at Timothy P Kenkel and Associates, we price all of our contact lenses very competitively. Contact one of our offices today for your contact lens purchase, fitting, or exam.

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