Get Daily Disposable Contact Lenses in Cincinnati, OH

Why Choose Daily Disposables?

Daily disposable contact lenses in cincinnatiAre you looking for vision correction that doesn’t interfere with your comfort or change the way you look? Contact lenses make you look great without making a fashion statement. Whether you are nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism, contact lenses can help you see clearly. And the most comfortable kind are daily disposable contact lenses.

They’re Comfortable

Some contact lens wearers complain about eye irritation, but daily disposables are often more comfortable than other kinds. They’re always fresh and clean. There is never any protein build-up. You don’t have to worry about whether you cleaned them well enough during that eye infection, because…

You don’t have to clean them!

They’re Easy

Regular contact lenses require care. There’s a whole routine with rinsing and rubbing… and many people just can’t be bothered.

But daily disposable contact lenses are worn for just one day and then thrown away. You don’t need a contact lens storage container or contact solution. No rinsing. No rubbing.

Just open a fresh pair of dailies in the morning. Wear them all day. And throw your contact lenses out before you go to bed. In addition to the convenience factor, contact lenses that are only worn once may be the best option for allergy sufferers, travelers and teens. Talk to our eye doctors about your options at any of our Cincinnati offices.

The optical a Timothy P Kenkel and Associates, carries many types of contacts, including:

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