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There are many options for replacement schedules for your contact lenses: daily, bimonthly, monthly, yearly… Now, due to advances in contact lens technology, you can choose your contact lense schedule that is most comfortable for you. Many people find the best option for a replacement schedule for soft contact lenses is monthly. How do you know if monthly contact lenses are the best option for you?

Monthlies are available from almost every contact lens manufacturer. In general, they are made from higher quality material than dailies. Also they are less expensive over time. Monthlies are better for the environment, as wearing one pair of lenses for 30 days instead of one helps reduce waste. At the same time, there are no concerns about keeping them long term, like yearly contact lenses. If one of your contacts does tear, you will probably have another pair stored in your bathroom.

Monthly Contact Lenses come in many options:

The most common and traditional contact lenses are monthly lenses. Speak to your doctor If you have dry eyes, as your doctor may recomment special soft contact lenses for dry eyes. These contact lenses are highly permeable to oxygen, and provide other moisturizing agents to make the lenses more comfortable. Contact lenses for dry eyes are available as monthly contacts.

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