How to be a Safe Smartphone User

Take a look around- you are liable to find that pretty much everybody is using mobile devices. Tablets and smartphones are super handy when we’re on the move. However most people tend to hold their handheld devices very close to their eyes. Reading off handheld devices can actually lead to a whole set of challenges for your eyes.

Because we all hold smart phones so close, our eyes end up working hard, just to look at text and images. It won’t come as a shock to know that this might lead to problems, especially if you already use vision correction such as glasses or contact lenses. If you already wear glasses, holding your phone or tablet too close can make it a real challenge for your eyes to correct for distance. Eventually, these challenges can lead to eyestrain and headaches.

There are more symptoms that can be caused by these habits, including dry eyes or blurry vision, because excessive screen time reduces how much you blink.

In order to stop these symptoms resulting from the use of handheld devices, we recommend keeping your phone at a safe distance from your eyes, and enlarge the text, so you can still read it. Also, try not to use your phone for too much time at once! If it’s been a while, allow your eyes to have a break. And after that, if you still experience eyestrain, you might need glasses specifically made to help you focus up close. You’ve only got one pair of eyes. Care for them well.

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