How to Get Sunscreen Out of Eyes

Those who have unfortunately gotten sunblock in their eyes are aware just how painful it can be. A real strong spray in the eye can even result in burning that lasts for hours. It can take hours before the victim can comfortably open his eyes, particularly in the glaring sun.

There's no doubt rubbing sunblock in your eyes is likely to ruin a day by the pool very quickly. Although it is common that discomfort will remain for a while, it is important to tend to it as soon as possible.

The most effective treatment is to flush out the eye under running water for some time. This will get the sunscreen out of the eye yet it probably won't eliminate the stinging for a while. While it won't help to remove the sunscreen, applying cool, wet cloths to the eyes may cause some relief. Using eye drops such as Visine may be useful in cleaning out the eye, but they will cause burning.

Don't forget, even though the summer is nearing its end, it is very important to apply sunscreen all year round to protect your skin from dangerous UV rays.

Preventative Tips

  1. Never spray sunblock straight on the face.
  2. Don't let little children put on sunscreen alone.
  3. Keep lotion out of reach of children.
  4. Rub sunscreen in completely.
  5. Do not apply sunblock too close to the eyes.
  6. Use large sunglasses to protect the eyes and the surrounding areas from ultraviolet rays.

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