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How often should I replace my contact lenses?

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Here is a simple truth. The more frequently you replace your contact lenses, the healthier, the more comfortable, and happier your eyes will feel.

Substances that are found naturally in your tears such as protein, calcium, and lipid can build up on your contact lenses making them less comfortable and making your eyes more prone to infection.

Cleaning your contact lenses regularly is not 100% effective and deposits can and will accumulate over time.

A simple remedy for this are daily contact lenses such as the Acuvue One Day Moist and the Aqua Comfort Plus.

Daily contact lenses are different from disposable lenses that are removed before sleeping, cleaned, and reworn for a week or a month.

Dailies are single-use lenses that are removed and thrown away at the end of each day. Every morning you wake up to a fresh pair of lenses.

Learn if you may be a candidate for daily disposable contact lenses today by calling or making an appointment at Timothy P Kenkel and Associates, your best source for Daily Disposable Contact Lenses in Cincinnati, OH.

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